Living Options for your Senior Family Members

For those who have ageing parents, it is important to talk about all of the options regarding senior living arrangements. There are plenty of options that allow seniors to live at home, live in group homes with other seniors, or even move into assisted living such as nursing homes. Depending on what type of senior member you have at home, will determine what type of living arrangement they will want. Most senior members will want to stay in their home as they age, so finding senior care options in MO is important.

In-Home Care

There are three different options that you can look into. The first being in-home care, where you will have someone come in and provide assistance to your loved ones. This could be just for social reasons, providing engaging conversation, or it could be for mobility, bathing, feeding, light housekeeping or even meal preparation and errands. Depending on how independent your senior family member is, will dictate what type of in-home care you may want to apply for. Often younger seniors will want to maintain their independence and will require more social services more than any other type of service. On the other hand, if you have an older senior, they may need car rides to do their errands, or may need help with preparing their food.

Short Term / Interactive Care

The second option includes interactive care giving which keeps your loved one active with both mental and physical exercises. These exercises can promote independence and will help with cognitive function and a happier environment. What makes this one extremely useful is that it is a versatile type of care. You can have a caregiver home into the home, or you can have your seniors go to interactive classes.

The third is respite care which is short-term care for families who need a little help every once in awhile. This type of care includes running errands, and taking them to appointments but does not require a heavy amount of interaction for physical needs.

The Importance of Senior Care

Ensuring that you have the proper care for your loved ones as they age is crucial to their livelihood and outlook on life as they grow older and less independent. It is important to keep your senior family members in an environment that provides them with positivity and enjoyment. By doing so, you can extend their life as their mental well-being will stay active. In addition to providing them with the correct amount of care, you should also take an active lead in their daily and weekly activities as this provides support and reinforcement.